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Do It Yourself - "STOOL" - Stool

I used beer box, but you can use any strong container, plastic stool or even old chair. Make sure that the box is strong enough to be set on.

Sp pipe those pipes used in domestic pluming and contain three layers Polyethylene and aluminum in the middle, which allows the pipe to be strong but flexible. We will take 3.2 meter of 20 mm pipe, mark the middle and bend in that point In order to get the shape u can bend the pipe on a big round object like a garbage can or column. Keep the first and last meter straight the distance between them have to be at least 35 cm you can make any form u want in the upper part that will become a back rest of the chair.
Use two metal poles up to 10 mm diameter 80 cm length. You can find those in construction Sight or in hardware store.

Insert the poles into the pipes and screw them to the box using wood screws. You better make a mark with a sharp object in the place u want to insert the screws so it want slip insert 2 -3 screws in the pipes.

Choose a fabric you want to use cut two pieces of 100*200 cm. Attach the first piece by connecting it to the back of the pipe with staple gun.

Redraw the form of the back rest on the cardboard and cut it out. Second part of fabric we will glue to cardboard (it is better to check the reaction of the glue on fabric first). The cardboard should be attached to the frame by staple gun.

You can form the shade in any form you would like to, personalize it. For inspiration you can look for Arne Jacobson Egg chair or in famous Eoro Saarinen ball chair. You can also attach two chairs together and create a bridge between them which goanna create an intimate space for reading or having a chat