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Do It Yourself - "LAMPA" - Floor Lamp

To build this lamp we gonna use an SP pipe. SP pipe is used in domestic pluming and contains 3 layers of material: 2 layers of polietilen and between them a layer of aluminum. this structur gives the pipe its strenth and flexibility. We will use 5 meter long pipe, wich you can buy in any pluming or hardware store

floor lamp

So pipes are comming in a roll and in three colors: red, orange and blue (You can peek the one you like ). Now, lift one end of the roll to 1.5 mteres high and shape the rest with your hands by turning the tip and making a spring shape form (see picture). you can also shape it in your personal way, just make sure the base diameter is at least half of the hight.

Make a simple circuit of one bulb holder and a plug (optionally to use also a swich). If you dont know how to do that ask someone who knows to help you. Now, connect the bulb holder and a wire and then string it in to the SP pipe until it goes all the way and then comes out on the other end. After the wire has gone out put a cork on the wires end to close the opening (see picture) and connect the plug to the wall.

floor lamp